Add some weight to your promotion

We never discuss weight loss in this office – it’s all about the weight gain and muscle!!!!

In only 30 minutes we can help you GAIN WEIGHT – thousands and thousands of pounds of lovely beautiful weight & muscle to your next promotional headline!

Because let’s face it, why run a headline that offers a prize of £10,000 when for the same cost you could run one offering the chance to win £100,000.

You see our ‘fixed fee’ approach means that you pay us a minimal fee, literally a fraction of the prize value and if there’s a winner (because don’t forget the winning code may not be claimed), then Umbrella pay the winner the full £100,000 – and the promoter is quids in!

Fixed fees are just one of the many ways that Umbrella can give your promotion weight and help maximise your budget.

Remember my friends, big is beautiful!

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