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  • Over-Redemption Insurance, explained.

    Promotional campaigns can be a great way to strengthen your brand awareness and increase sales, but without careful budget management, the success of a campaign could run away with you and leave your business out of pocket. This is where over-redemption insurance comes in. ‘What’s that?’ I hear you ask?…

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  • Big Savings on Customer Acquisition

    Whether you sell car insurance, utilities or phones or wine, you’d be amazed at the different ways in which you can boost your acquisition and/or retention strategies by adopting fixed-fee as part of your sales promotion activity. Involving promotional risk management experts to work alongside your creative agency ensures you develop campaigns…

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  • Add some weight to your promotion

    We never discuss weight loss in this office – it’s all about the weight gain and muscle!!!! In only 30 minutes we can help you GAIN WEIGHT – thousands and thousands of pounds of lovely beautiful weight & muscle to your next promotional headline! Because let’s face it, why run…

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  • Client of the Summer – Winner

    Every quarter we recognise someone we work with as an exceptional Client. This summer it has been Annaë Liu at Bayer PLC (Consumer Health Division) who has really shone out for us. As well as being a generally lovely lady, she is super organised, a top strategic thinker and an…

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  • Most impressive meeting ever!

    When Zoe came back to the office and showed us some video footage she’d taken at a recent meeting, we were all blown away! It’s well worth a watch if you want some tips on how to impress your Clients…

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  • Top 10 factors losing your promotions money

    Promotional campaigns can be a great way to attract attention to your business and bring in new customers. However, these campaigns might seem simple to the untrained eye, but in reality designing a successful promotion requires the consideration of multiple factors to ensure your business is not left out of pocket.

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  • The European Championships 2016 – A unique promotional opportunity to piggy back on home nations success!

    The home nations will be represented in force in France, with England, Wales, Ireland and Northern Ireland having all qualified for the European Championships. Only Scotland failed to do so! UEFA confirmed that, despite the recent events in Paris, France will stage next summer’s competition and the final tournament will…

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  • Company of the Year 2013

    On Friday 20th September the Umbrella team got dressed to impress and headed to the famous Vinopolis venue in London for the 2013 COGS Awards. Having been shortlisted for a few awards we all had our fingers crossed that we’d come home with something! Little did we know that we’d…

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