When the festival music stops…

So you’re all set to launch your brand’s 2019 festival experiential campaign. You hope you’ve worked up enough creative magic to form a lasting memory for the festival goers once the music has stopped.

But will it be enough to get these people buying your product again or to form any sort of lasting relationship with them?

We’ve got 5 fast-turnaround improvements that you can make to maximise your budget and get some longer-term and more measurable results.



There’s good reason the printed coupon has survived the test of time. Fitting snuggly into the consumers purse, it’s always there as a constant reminder. Handed out alongside a festival sampling campaign, you can expect high redemption rates once the consumer is back to civilization and their regular shopping haunts.

A hip new health food brand we worked with had great success with the basic printed coupon during their festival activity. They simply handed out 50p off coupons (for store use only) as festival-goers sampled their food product. A huge 16% of samplers went on to purchase the product in the weeks that followed.

How to MAX the budget: With the cost of a coupon starting at 2p (even for a 50p coupon) under a fixed fee solution, then it’s a no brainer if you are looking to attribute some sales uplift to your campaign.



With heaps of positive vibe in the air this is a great opportunity to capture data. Whilst festival-goers are not going to want to fill out reams of questions, there are ways of making it easy for them and many incentives you can put in place to will them along. Here are some of them….



Offering festival goers the chance to win amazing prizes can be enough to drive them online to your website to fill in their details both during the festival and once they’re home.

A big headline prize and then lots of smaller ones works best and you can add to the engagement by offering them sporadically.

A festival-goer may need a little memory prompt to take home with them. Sticking a QR code to their t-shirt isn’t the daftest idea!

How to MAX the budget: For the fixed cost of £6,000, you could run with a headline of “the chance to win £100,000 worth of prizes”. That could also include all the response handling and fulfilment connected with the prizes.



Phone Apps are a fantastic way to stamp your presence into the centre of a festival-goers life – their mobile! This way you can keep them abreast with all their promotions during the festival and well after.

Or if you’ve run out of time to build an app, then simply take their mobile numbers and text them.

This type of promotion can be made really exciting by offering free product at certain points in the day. It could even be related to a chance based factor…

We had record breaking numbers of apps downloaded for a ‘weather’ promotion. Mobile coupons of varying value were offered according to the local weather! And once it got to 30 degrees everyone with the app got a free pint.

How to MAX the budget: Chance based promotions can be really cost effective if there is a low chance of that occurrence happening. It’s even better to get it covered under a fixed fee so that if that occurrence does happen, you don’t have to pay out the extortionate offer that you’ve promised. E.g. the cost of free pints for everyone in the last example.



The first thing festival-goers will want to do when they get home is to share photos via social media. As a brand you can actively encourage this by creating a hashtag and offering prizes to festival-goers consuming or using your product either at the festival or during the wind down when the fun has stopped, giving them a chance to re-live the memories of the festival and your brand.


So if you want your brand to be remembered once the music has stopped, talk to Umbrella about helping you build some unforgettable additions to your festival campaign.

Contact Beth Johnson on 01844 202045 or beth@team-umbrella.co.uk.

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