Pandemic-friendly Christmas Promotions

Ideas that are safe to run with, even during a pandemic.

How do Marketers plan for Christmas when they are unsure of what the landscape will look like?

Certainly, for us as a promotional marketing company, we’re seeing much more creativity. Those established promotional hooks that the industry has relied on for so long (the win a holiday, the free event tickets, the free product coupon) have been pulled from under everyone’s feet.

But what has emerged… dare I say… are much stronger and more creative promotions.

Whist we can’t predict how our consumer’s lives will look like in December, we can certainly glean a lot from our recent ‘lockdown’ situation and come up with some fantastic gift/prize ideas that will be relevant for Christmas…

Relevant prize ideas for Christmas 2020…

1. Promotions that re-create ‘family time’!

In a recent poll we conducted, 85% of responders said spending more time with the family is the best thing about being in lockdown. Families now have an extensive new catalogue of ‘home production’ videos and photos (someone say TikTok?).

Why not recreate the special family moments shared during lockdown

  • Favourite photo or image painted by a professional
  • All those funny videos and photos professionally edited and put into a reel for Christmas Day viewing

It’s GAME TIME!!! Stream families into game shows like The Chase…. or create your own viral game of ‘Shopping Blitz’ (like the old-fashioned Trolley Dash!) to win Xmas pressies for your loved ones.

2. Promotions that build on our new-found neighbourly love

Neighbours! Who knew we had them! We are increasingly on a first-name basis with people on our street and communicate regularly via Whatsapp groups. So let’s inject some neighbourly love into our promotions:

  • Run a ‘share the love’ campaign. You get and so do they. ‘Free Christmas Dinner for your Street’ or ‘Christmas Street Food’.
  • Build your database with this refer-a-friend style strategy.

3. Help retain the sense of community spirit

There is a new and strong sense of community and charity across the country.

Recognising charities by creating an AR Xmas Card and each one that is created a donation is made to your choice of charity. This will work really well if you have created your own digital channel on your packaging.  And don’t forget to add a big headline prize for a few individuals too.

4. Putting social media influencers in the prize mix

With reduced access to peer groups, social media influencers have become our new best friends!

Stream Celebs/YouTubers/TicTokers – Bring in the D-listers to A-listers to deliver personal messages, songs, make-up lessons, interior design, crafting, cooking, mixology, etc to your consumers.  The chance to win this personalised experience will be highly sought after!

5. Prizes around home technology

Technology has always been a high-appeal prize. But the audience has now widened… who knew Granny would be making zoom calls!

  • Time for Granny to own her own tech perhaps!

6. Promotions for an epiphany moment

This new slower way of life is really making people question their life motives.

Why not celebrate ‘New Year, New World… New You!’ Take a year off and retrain in a new career.  From Stonemason to Plumber or Lifeboat to Life Coach.  Salary replacement as well as Tuition Fees prize.

7. And don’t forget the status quo

  • Free energy
  • Free mortgage/rent
  • Free subscriptions (Sky, Netflix, Amazon etc)
  • Free in-home cinema

We hope we have inspired you to get thinking…and most importantly…inspired you to call us!

We look forward to hearing from you.

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