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LA based Management Consultancy Avasant, turned to Umbrella to develop and build a ground-breaking virtual conference center.

So let us introduce you to "The Avaverse". This state-of-the-art platform is designed to host internal staff meetings, engage with clients, and conduct external conferences. With seamless integration of Avasant's reports and a dynamic exhibition space, The Avaverse sets a new standard for immersive virtual collaboration.

Step into The Avaverse and experience a captivating environment that encourages networking and meaningful discussions. This web-based platform eliminates the need for additional applications or sign-ups, giving brands full control over their digital space. Imagine the impact of transporting your audience into this immersive realm, where you can curate unique experiences and engage your consumers with interactive activities.

The Avaverse also offers unparalleled opportunities for leveraging sport and talent sponsorships. Host exclusive events within your personalized Metaverse, accessible worldwide. Seamlessly integrate live presentations, workshops, and panel discussions to enhance the virtual conference experience. Embrace The Avaverse and revolutionize the way conferences and collaborations are conducted, unlocking a future of boundless creativity and engagement.

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