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Serendipity at SXSW


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We built this stunning immersive space called Serendipity, designed as a welcoming place to ‘hang out’ and network at the SXSW conference in Austin, Texas. Despite being one of the biggest conferences of its kind in the world, Serendipity became one of the standout talking points of the event – a great indicator of why brands need to get on board with the Metaverse and immersive browsing.

This ground-breaking Metaverse platform can be easily adapted to suit a brand's needs. It is URL-based so simply sits on existing websites and can be viewed within Google Chrome. No special app or sign up is required, which allows brands to test the water ahead of the transition to web3 and have full control of their own space.

Imagine the possibilities for raising your brand awareness in such an immersive and exciting space. Providing a place for your consumers to hang out together. Providing on-brand engagement such as prize promotions. Imagine how brands can leverage sport or talent sponsorships by hosting exclusive events within their own Metaverse, accessible from anywhere! The potential is huge and endless!

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Immersive Space for SXSW




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