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Door Drop with Coupons

When Cushelle replaced their velvety toilet paper for an all-new and superior quilted version, the key to success was to drive trial without cannibalising sales of Cushelle Original.

Umbrella worked with the creative agency to develop a sofa-to-store approach that would really engage and incentivise consumers

A DOORDROP CAMPAIGN was implemented based on tightly controlled targeting of households that were both in proximity to stores and also closely matched existing buyer profiles.

The doordrop incentivised purchase by including product coupons – one being immediately redeemable and another timed for purchase 12 weeks later to create on ongoing contract with the buyer.

A MONEY BACK GUARANTEE provided reassurance of Cushelle’s benefits over Velvet, allowing buyers to claim their cash back if not satisfied with the replacement.



Doordrop & Money Back Guarantee


Blue Chip


Provided strategic advice, structured the campaigns and managed the redemption process under a fixed fee

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