Certainty. In an uncertain world.

Hardys Wine


This campaign was developed at a time when consumers were uncertain about what was coming next… from either Brexit or Coronavirus.

‘Certainty’ was what people craved for and what Hardys wanted to communicate regularly at the point of purchase. And so the ‘Certainty Campaign’ was born.

The message was simple. We’re certain you’re going to like this wine. And we’re prepared to put our money where our mouth is!

We worked with Hardys to build this Money Back Guarantee campaign which provided added reassurance to consumers for each and every purchase in the lead up to Christmas.

The guarantee ran across neck tags on selected Hardys 750ml bottles until 31 December, tapping into the ‘valuable’ annual sales period, with 27% of the year’s wine sales occurring during the 12-week run up to Christmas. The campaign aimed to help boost wine sales for retailers during this important period.


Money Back Guarantee


Accolade Wines

What We Did

Built, managed and protected the campaign

The Results

This MBG was prepared well in advance of launch date and so benefited from additional sell-in time… making it unmissable in-store!

  • 2.8 Million additional sales by retailers
  • 500,000 new Hardys shoppers
  • Acquisition was twice that of competitors in the wine market


New customers acquired


more new customers than competing brands


Money Back Guarantee

From start to finish, working with Umbrella on this campaign was effortless and their expertise in this field, was certainly a contributing factor in the success of the activation. We could not be more pleased with how it has performed and helped engage with our Hardys consumers.

Thomas Joyce-Brown,Trade Marketing Controller – Europe Retail, Accolade Wines

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