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Digital Coupons Direct to Phones

Yes it's now possible to deliver a digital coupon directly to your customer's phone, which they can then scan at till. Game-changer!

We linked this new technology up with Lucozade’s fantastic ‘Zero Losers’ on-pack promotion. As the title suggests, there were no losers and a variety of instant prizes to be won by simply tapping the on pack QR code.

If they won a FREE product coupon they had to fill in a few details, including a mobile number and then hey presto, the barcode was there on their phone ready to be scanned at checkout. To prevent misuse the barcode was only activated for 20 minutes. 

The benefit of a digital coupon like this is that as well as being incredibly efficient, it also allows the brand insight about the shopper journey and real time results showing when each coupon is redeemed.

Other instant prizes included digital photo frames and cash. 

Lucozade Zero


Zero Losers


Tracylocke London


Umbrella provided consultancy on the mechanic and prize structure, built the promotional entry microsite, integrated the digital coupons and managed prize fulfilment.

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