Interactive Football Fun



For the fourth year running, this innovative and engaging online promotional mechanic provided Cadbury packs with fantastic standout on the shop shelves.

Each year the campaign is slightly different and in this campaign, Cadbury partnered with six football clubs:

Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool FC, Arsenal, Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur.

To enter, shoppers used their on-pack codes and went online to receive a personalised score for an upcoming football game.

If the predicted score matched the actual match score, they were guaranteed to win a prize. Prizes included VIP Matchday experiences, match tickets, and £5 and £10 Club Shop e-vouchers.


Match & Win 4



What We Did

Manage the prize journey, maximise the prize fund and limit exposure.

Our Number-Crunching

We help clients cost-effectively tailor their promotions around sports predictions…

– Calculating the odds of a particular sports prediction occurring.

– Forecasting how it impacts redemption levels.

– Designing prize tiers to fit within budget.

– Assessing the need for risk management.

We love working with Umbrella. Their expertise and insight continues to be invaluable to our popular national activations and brand growth.

Nick Rogers, Senior Brand Manager, Cadbury

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