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Oppo Brothers

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This campaign was a really exceptional one for Oppo, achieving 30% more sales vs previous year in participating retailers and outperforming competitor brands.

We helped Oppo deliver their first ever Money Back Guarantee. They were relatively new to the market, so driving trial was important to them. 

The campaign was so successful at driving trial that it has been re-run many times, not only in the UK but in Europe too. It provides significant stand out in the freezer aisle and when you're confident about the taste of your product, nothing says that better than a headline like ‘Love me or I’m free’, in whatever language!

Any consumer claiming had to enter their details on to a promotional microsite including an image of the on pack sticker, and their original itemised till receipt dated within the promotional period to claim their money back. They also had to include a negative review with a minimum of 15 words explaining why they were not satisfied with the product.


sales uplift

Oppo Brothers


Money Back Guarantee / Cashback


Oppo Brothers


Promotional advice, maximising budget, consumer journey & website build, back end data management, Ts&Cs, fulfilment and customer service

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