Door Drop Drives Traffic In-Store

Oppo Brothers


Oppo Brothers ice cream promises an irresistible taste without the calories, so driving trial is a key part of their strategy.

We started working with Oppo Brothers at an exciting time.  Their ice cream was just starting to get listed in major retailers. However consumers weren’t aware that the product was available.

We recommended they run a door drop. This allowed us to target people within the catchment area of supermarkets that listed their product. By including a £2 off coupon, this strong incentive succeeded in driving people in store to redeem against a tub of this decadent ice cream.

A great standout promotion that delivered on cost effectiveness and redemptions!


Doordrop – £2 off


Oppo Brothers

What We Did

Promotional consultancy, fixed fee and handling

Umbrella have been a trusted partner in running European promotions for us over the last three years to help drive trial of Oppo Brothers ice cream.

Together we’ve successfully ran category-leading promotions which have helped us become the fastest growing ice cream brand in Europe.

The Umbrella team are extremely commercially minded and have been fantastic at accommodating the needs of a small business and are always there to bounce ideas around with. They’re also nice people to work with too which makes all the difference.

Matthew Sherratt, Head of International Marketing, Oppo

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