Chance to win a diamond

Smirnoff | Diageo


This activation had more sparkle than most!

After all, what says ‘premium vodka’ better than a diamond?!

We worked with the Smirnoff team and RPM to build a diamond quest like no other.

Running across the GB, we gave Smirnoff consumers the chance to find one of the 21 Diamonds hidden within special edition packs.

But don’t panic, they weren’t rattling around inside bottles… we had something much more innovative planned!

To find out if their limited-edition Smirnoff bottle or collar was a diamond winner, consumers had to place it in the freezer for a minimum of 2 hours (at least -5°C). Then hey presto… an 8-digit code was revealed.

This secret code was then entered into a Smirnoff online promotional website where more magic happened that could identify who had won a diamond.

All 21 Diamonds had been ethically sourced and all discovered diamonds were sent to recipients with a GIA certificate of value.

To ensure maximum standout the promotion ran alongside a special edition bottle design. It was supported by social media, YouTube and a video-on-demand TV ad.


21 Diamond Campaign


Smirnoff | Diageo

What We Did

Strategic consultation
Prize idea generation & sourcing
Design & build of consumer journey
Campaign management
Fixed costs

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