Size Matters

Wotsits GIANTS


This campaign provided the nation with some well needed escapism during pandemic times. Delivering some instant cheer (for the project team as well as consumers), we helped PepsiCo run a competition to find the biggest Wotsit!

It launched in a big way. Wotsits hit the news setting a Guinness World Record for the longest ever Wotsit creation at their factory in Leicester, measuring in at a whopping 10.66m!

This was followed by the national launch of Wotsits GIANTS – double the size of the usual Wotsit. And to continue the buzz, a promotion ran alongside the launch, offering consumers the chance to win £10K and a year’s supply of Wotsits GIANTS.

To enter, consumers needed to buy a bag of Wotsits GIANTS and get searching for a whopper of a Wotsit!  If they believed they have found the biggest Wotsit, they had to measure it and post a photo on Facebook or Twitter with their measurement to be in with a chance of winning. The winner was announced at the end of the promotional period.


Find The UK’s Biggest Wotsit



What We Did

Management, Consultancy, Fulfilment, Adjudication and Verification

How to make the costs measure up too

This promotion didn’t require any of the traditional proof of purchase methods such as URN’s or receipt uploads.

Why… because the proof was in the Wotsit photo itself, making it a very cost effective route to entry!

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