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  • Promotional Risk Management – Dummies Guide!

    If you want a really mahoosively big bang for your buck, then look no further. Promotional Risk Management allows your company to launch high impact marketing promotions at a fixed cost. Promotions that excite your audience Have you ever wondered how smaller brands in your market place can afford to…

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    Using sport as a hook for your sales promotion is one of the most powerful ways to engage your audience and drive mass participation – often on a global scale. Of all the hundreds of promotions we manage each year, sports-related promotions out-perform all of them hands down, generally redeeming…

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  • Publishing Winners Lists – post GDPR

    If you’ve run a prize promotion before, you’ll be familiar with the fact you need to provide details of the winners of any major prizes – either by publishing them, or making them available on request. This rule ensures transparency and is driven by the CAP Code. The details usually provided are:…

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    What would you do for a FREE £7.50 bottle of wine? Would you be prepared to write 15 words saying why you DISLIKE the wine and then mail it in?….Because surprisingly, the typical British consumer wouldn’t. A shocking fact indeed! In fact the typical British consumer is 8 times more…

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  • The Renaissance of the Door drop

    [A LETTER FROM ME TO AN OLD FRIEND] Hello ‘Door drop’ my old friend. I want to apologise to you. In recent years a new glitzy, more popular friend came into my life called Digital. I have to admit I forgot about you and got rather wrapped up in the…

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  • Big Savings on Customer Acquisition

    Whether you sell car insurance, utilities or phones or wine, you’d be amazed at the different ways in which you can boost your acquisition and/or retention strategies by adopting fixed-fee as part of your sales promotion activity. Involving promotional risk management experts to work alongside your creative agency ensures you develop campaigns…

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  • Experiential teams – could you have done more?

    As your promotional bus pulls away from your experiential event and the team high-fives over what a success it has been, ask yourself a simple question… What % of visitors are likely to go on and buy your product? Here are 5 really simple ‘add ons’ you can make to…

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  • The Ultimate Guide to GDPR (and why SME’s need to pay attention)

    GDPR & Shopper Marketing Campaigns Dubbed the biggest change in data privacy, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will come into effect on May 25th, 2018. Its two main objectives are to protect the private data of all European Union citizens and to transform the way in which organisations collect…

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