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  • Exciting News! Promotional response rates are rocketing…

    According to our analysis, consumers have been engaging with on-pack promotions in record numbers during lockdown. We’ve seen redemption rates rocket since April 2020 with increases of up to 380% compared to the previous year for the same campaign. We looked at four separate on-pack promotions that have been run…

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  • Pandemic-friendly Christmas Promotions

    Ideas that are safe to run with, even during a pandemic. How do Marketers plan for Christmas when they are unsure of what the landscape will look like? Certainly, for us as a promotional marketing company, we’re seeing much more creativity. Those established promotional hooks that the industry has relied…

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  • Is this the perfect time for door drops and DM?

    During the last few weeks, as well as quickly adapting to new ways of working, we are all also facing the challenge of keeping brands at the forefront of consumers’ minds, whilst acknowledging the unprecedented times we find ourselves in. With families spending more time at home than ever before,…

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  • Creating brand memories… during lockdown

    For brands wondering how to sensitively market during the Covid-19 climate… here’s a way that will be relevant, worthwhile and provide longevity beyond the current crisis. Firstly, let’s try and focus on the positives… A locked down audience Understanding our audience has suddenly become easier. For once we know exactly…

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  • Ensure your alcohol promotion complies with new pricing rules in Wales

    A minimum unit price of 50p for alcohol was introduced in Wales on 2 March 2020. This means that promotional marketers will now need to carefully consider their plans for brand activations including alcohol, as they already have to do in Scotland. The Public Health (Minimum Price for Alcohol) (Wales) Act…

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  • Promotional Risk Management – Dummies Guide!

    If you want a really mahoosively big bang for your buck, then look no further. Promotional Risk Management allows your company to launch high impact marketing promotions at a fixed cost. Promotions that excite your audience Have you ever wondered how smaller brands in your market place can afford to…

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    Using sport as a hook for your sales promotion is one of the most powerful ways to engage your audience and drive mass participation – often on a global scale. Of all the hundreds of promotions we manage each year, sports-related promotions out-perform all of them hands down, generally redeeming…

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  • Publishing Winners Lists – post GDPR

    If you’ve run a prize promotion before, you’ll be familiar with the fact you need to provide details of the winners of any major prizes – either by publishing them, or making them available on request. This rule ensures transparency and is driven by the CAP Code. The details usually provided are:…

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    What would you do for a FREE £7.50 bottle of wine? Would you be prepared to write 15 words saying why you DISLIKE the wine and then mail it in?….Because surprisingly, the typical British consumer wouldn’t. A shocking fact indeed! In fact the typical British consumer is 8 times more…

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