For brands wondering how to sensitively market during the Covid-19 climate… here’s a way that will be relevant, worthwhile and provide longevity beyond the current crisis.

Firstly, let’s try and focus on the positives…

A home-based audience

Understanding our audience has suddenly become easier. For once we know exactly where the majority of our target audience are. They’re at home. And there they will stay for the foreseeable future.

Our daily routines, fears and challenges have united the nation. We don’t just understand our customers, in the majority of cases, we are living their lives!

Memories that will be talked about FOREVER

The memories created within the 4 walls of our homes during these pandemic times will stick with our customers and their children forever and be passed on to future generations.

For a brand, this provides a great opportunity. Imagine if your brand could be part of those memories – part of the stories we share!

‘Connected packaging’ could be the answer

I’ve got many ideas on how to appeal to this locked-down audience and create memories, however the one I’ll focus in on today is ‘connected packaging’.

Supermarket home delivery has skyrocketed.

This means that as a product/brand it’s time to think about how your packaging could work in a post-purchase situation. The home delivery van has dropped it off and bang, there it is sitting on the kitchen table, perhaps even for the first time if it was a substitute item.

This is your big moment!

Connected packaging… means that with a quick scan of the packaging (QR code), a consumer’s phone becomes a portal to fun and interactive digital content with overflowing possibilities for a direct conversation with your audience.

• Fun, games and silliness – cheer up the nation
• Inspiration and how-to videos – meal planners, cleaning tips
• Education – home-school on how your product is made
• Corporate responsibility – show how you’re helping the community, NHS
• The list is endless

But the best thing is that all the above can change at the drop as a hat, with no amend to the packaging. So it can be time relevant at the point of consumption.

Case Study: Takeover Fanta and win (courtesy EVRYTHING Agency)

Fanta used connected packaging in a fun and innovative way to build a long and deeper connection with their audience post-purchase. It was their most successful promotion ever and achieved fantastic results…

The Future

The investment in QR codes on products should not be just a short-term marketing campaign or goal.  This is a way in which brands will open up their own media channel in the future.  So as grocery retailers turn their estates into self-checkouts and reconfigure aisles for mission shopping, this is an opportunity for brands to carry on with their conversations with consumers direct.  WITHOUT having to book and pay for media space.

It is the right time for this investment and those that are ahead of the curve are already benefiting, but it is not too late to implement and start testing now.

To find out more contact… Beth Johnson 07879 452079