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Seamless delivery of gifts and prizes

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Prize promotions and gift with purchase campaigns often involve the handling of thousands of promotional entries and the fulfilment of hundreds of prizes.

At Umbrella, we specialise in managing the entire process of handling and fulfilment for your promotion. We will find the right warehousing and fulfilment partnerships to ensure a seamless experience for your winners wherever they are in the world. Our team takes care of briefing these partners and ensuring optimal stock levels are maintained throughout the duration of the promotion. 

Our goal is to ensure that winners receive their prizes without any unnecessary delays. However, we also understand the importance of not overstocking with prizes, as this can lead to unnecessary costs. With our expertise, we strike the right balance to ensure efficient and cost-effective fulfilment.


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It’s never one size fits all but we can handle everything from strategy, to prizes to fulfilment and everything in between.

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