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When you choose Umbrella for your automotive promotional campaign, you're not just boosting test drives and sales. You're also building a solid database for future marketing activity.

When we started working with Cinch during their early launch period, the used-car ecommerce site was just finding their feet. They were a game-changer for the automotive industry offering customers the freedom to choose and buy their vehicles online, with free home delivery. 

A key part of their marketing strategy was establishing sporting sponsorships with well-known sports teams and events such as the England Cricket team, Tottenham Hotspur, the Northampton Saints and the tennis Championships.

We kicked things into high gear, leveraging the partnerships they had established.

One of our standout campaigns brought huge excitement to England cricket fans during matches in July. If an England batter hit one of the ‘cinch 6’ targets placed around the cricket grounds, someone in the crowd would win a car. Talk about hitting it out of the park!

Once we had a few Cinch campaigns under our belt, we developed 'Cinch Presents'—an online promotion platform. It features customised pages for each promotion, allowing participants to explore all the ongoing promotions and choose which ones they want to enter. We collect their data securely, in line with GDPR regulations, and ensure winners are duly awarded. This platform became instrumental in building a valuable database for future marketing communications.

We sourced fantastic prizes, managed winners, and kept the excitement going strong.

Cinch quickly soared to become the UK's fastest-growing online used car marketplace. With annualised sales of over 45,000 vehicles in less than eight months after their launch, and 45% month-on-month growth. Plus, they attracted a staggering 30 million unique visitors per year. 

So, join us on this thrilling journey. Let Umbrella take your automotive promotions to the next level, just like we did with Cinch. Contact us today and let's make some marketing magic happen!


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