We’ll pick up

your promo

and run with it

Promo Boosting

Behind every too-good-to-be-true money off coupon, every exciting instant win and every heart-stopping grand prize is a promotional risk assessment done by people like us. We analyse the market, forecast consumer responses, assess insurance needs and offer fixed fee cover all so that brands like yours can go a little bit more bananas with their promotions.

Fixed fee freedom

We make a redemption forecast. You pay a fee based on that forecast. Then, even if you have redemptions coming out your ears, you won’t pay a penny more. Talk about freedom to go big without blowing your budget.

Partners in profit

You need your campaign to be compelling but you don’t want to give away too much stuff. It’s a tricky balancing act, but one we’ve had a lot of practice at. So, we can help you choose the right mechanic, source prizes and partners, figure out the consumer experience and keep your redemptions in check. All this in the name of maximising your profit.

Pass the buck

It may be frowned upon, but we’re all for it. Once you’ve done the creative work, pass everything over to us and we’ll run your campaign from start to finish. We’ll source prizes, write the terms and conditions, handle fulfilment, take care of consumers, judge and adjudicate and report on the campaign.

Over Redemption Cover

Over redemption insurance does ‘exactly what it says on the tin’ − provides you with financial protection that kicks in if redemptions come in at a cost that exceeds the marketing budget.

This means that unlike Fixed Fee cover, the client is responsible for the cost of redemptions up to a level that is pre-agreed, after which point the cost can be claimed under the Umbrella contract.