Unblock Against the Clock

Yorkshire Water are facing a big problem. People are flushing things they shouldn’t – from nappies and baby wipes down the toilet, to cooking oil down the sink. These items cause blockages, pollution incidents, plastics polluting the ocean and internal sewer flooding.

How do you educate the public in a fun and engaging way?….

Getting in on the escape room trend, this experiential ‘Fun House’ solution gave players the opportunity to win a new kitchen if they solved it!

Working its way around Yorkshire town centres, players got five minutes to solve the clues and escape the Unblock Against The Clock fun house through the sewer – and there was a host of prizes on offer.

Everyone who took part got the change to spin the prize wheel to win prizes such as t-shirts, shopping vouchers or iPads. The top teams won Feather Down glamping holidays and Yorkshire’s overall champion, a new kitchen or bathroom.


Services: Back-end promotional services including prize sourcing & fulfilment

Creative agency: Jaywing