Babybel – Red Nose Day

Monday 13 February saw the launch of Mini Babybel’s latest limited-edition donation packs in support of Comic Relief. Each individual pack donated 10p to Comic Relief and also featured a ‘cheesy’ joke on the wrapper.

To support this launch, an experiential/sampling campaign ran in town centres and supermarkets, where free Babybels were handed out along with money-off coupons. Consumers were invited to go in store and redeem their coupon to receive 50p off their next purchase of Babybel.

Umbrella forecasted the % of coupons that would likely be redeemed and the client paid a fixed fee accordingly. If the redemptions went higher than this forecast, even if they went as high as 100%, Umbrella would foot the bill. Umbrella also took on responsibility for accurate and secure barcoding of coupons.

Services: Promotional fixed fee and barcoding

Client: Core2store