Dairylea mooing cows

Dairylea-prize-promotion2 Dairylea-mooing-cow1

Reminding mums that Dairylea is made of all natural ingredients – this fun and engaging promotion certainly made some noise in the market place! Everything was designed to “moooo”. The packs mooed when consumers won a holiday. The cow giveaways mooed when the fridge door opened. Even the outdoor posters mooed!

Umbrella was in those initial brainstorms that sparked the idea for this promotion, and we went on to work closely with the creative agency to shape the campaign and advise how best to use the promotional budget.

This promotion was so successful that it won a GOLD IPM Award as the best food promotion of 2014.

Creative Agency: BMB Neon
Promotion entry methods: Online or facebook app
To discover more about Dairylea visit: www.dairylea.co.uk