pepsi world cup plunge

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ONE BILLION people watched as Pepsi plunged a competition entrant (and their friend) into a massive Pepsi Plunge Cup on centre stage during ICC Cricket World Cup last week – see the live clip below.

Excitement had been building since Pepsi launched their competition across all matches in Australia to win $1000 if a team on the cricket ground hits a six while a competition entrant has their 20 minute stint atop a Pepsi Plunge Cup. And no one deserves a $1000 without first being plunged in cold water in front of a billion people, right?!

Cricket fans with tickets to the match could enter the competition by first purchasing a can of Pepsi and entering a promotional code online. Sessions were then awarded via a random draw system.

Umbrella assessed the chance of any of the World Cup teams hitting a six and provided a financial protection which meant Pepsi would pay NO extra even if there were loads of winners.

Here’s a winning plunge moment…