The #YouCanMakeIt campaign was all about changing perceptions of Pot Noodle. Gone are the days when Pot Noodle consumers were lazy 16-24 yrs “slackers”. These days people consume Pot Noodles because they are busy and ambitious. The brand was keen to support consumers in their path to success.

So first stop for the experiential side of the campaign was University campuses across GB to fuel students during their study.

To extend the reach and build some social media buzz, students could win prizes by uploading a Boomerang or short video, or picture onto their Instagram account showing how Pot Noodle has helped the entrant ‘Make It’ during the University exam season, tagging @PotNoodle and including the hashtag #YouCanMakeIt in the post.

This activity helped the hashtag achieve 29 million impressions (Unilever People Data Centre).

Services: Consultancy, prize management
Client: Unilever