Promotional Risk Management

For bigger, bolder promotions

The majority of the high impact instant wins, money-off coupons, collector schemes and cashback promotions out there in the market place, owe their powerful headline offers to the amplifying-effect of promotional risk management.


We provide high-level advice on how to maximise your prize-fund and protect your promotional budget from the financial risk of over-redemption or large prize payouts. And once achieved, you can confidently launch much bigger, bolder promotions.

Fixed fee cover

Removes the entire burden of risk

This is a favourite with our clients for good reason. Because when they have a fixed budget for their promotion, the last worry they need is that redemption costs will come in way over what they budgeted for.


Umbrella’s fixed fee solution, means Clients pay us a one-off fee before the promotion goes live, which is based on a pre-agreed redemption forecast. Umbrella then takes full responsibility for paying prizes as well as handling the logistics.  And if the promotion ends up redeeming through the roof, the Client doesn’t pay a penny more. Umbrella picks up all extra costs.





Over redemption cover

Cap your redemption costs

Over redemption insurance does ‘exactly what it says on the tin’ − provides you with financial protection that kicks in if redemptions come in at a cost that exceeds the marketing budget.


This means that unlike Fixed Fee cover, the client is responsible for the cost of redemptions up to a level that is pre-agreed, after which point the cost can be claimed under the Umbrella contract.

Promotional Consultants

Improving the ROI of your promotions

Creating a profitable promotional campaign is a balancing act! On the one hand you want to run a very compelling prize headline to drive sales uplift. On the other hand you don’t want to be awarding tonnes of prizes and gifts unnecessarily, the cost of which could obliterate your budget’s bottom line.


We help you select and structure the best promotional mechanic to ensure the biggest returns on investment for your brand.


We do this on a variety of levels. From joining a creative team in an initial campaign brainstorm, right through to working as long-term advisors at the heart of FMCG giants & their brands.






Multi-national bespoke packages

An aerial view of promotional activity

We work with multinational companies providing an aerial view of their promotional activity and working at the heart of their marketing teams to see where overall savings on return on investment can be made.


We become a central promotional hub that works to reduce promotional risk, streamline prize redemption processes & supply chains and improve the overall effectiveness of promotional activity.


Companies like Unilever and Diageo continue to benefit from this service.