Hello ‘Door drop’ my old friend.
I want to apologise to you. In recent years a new glitzy, more popular friend came into my life called Digital. I have to admit I forgot about you and got rather wrapped up in the excitement. However this pandemic has got me thinking… was I a bit foolish for neglecting you for so long?
Yours apologetically,
Me x

Most of us have spend over a year working in our homes, less than 10 meters from our front-doors. But how many memorable pieces of DM have you seen fall on to your doormat in that time?

Brands have increased their digital marketing spend during the pandemic, leaving our inboxes bulging to the brim. And causing email open rates to decline significantly. Yet there’s this gap in the market… it’s a letterbox shaped gap… that few brands are tapping into.

Is the Door Drop Effective?

YES! The door drop really is effective. We’ve even seen one brand achieve a 73% rise in sales as a result of a highly targeted door drop campaign.

And don’t be fooled into thinking that it can’t work for a luxury brand. We had huge success with a door drop campaign for the luxury ice cream brand, Oppo Brothers – read the case study.

A door drop stays in the home
for as long as 38 days


Why is the Door Drop so Effective?…

1. Because no one else is doing it

The competition is pretty poor. Take a look at your email Inbox and then take a look at your doormat. The route for easy standout then becomes obvious.

2. Fantastic life within the home

Door drops give you a direct route into consumers homes. I mean actually there, sat on the window sill in people’s kitchens (everyone keeps them there right?) and stays in the home for on average, 38 days. Sat there like a little reminder as the home-owners potter around their kitchen. Not like email Inboxes and Facebook pages where you have a few minutes before you’ve fallen off the bottom of the page.

3. A wide range of targeting options

Targeting has come on leaps and bounds from the basic selections of old. Data-sets and the latest geo-demographic targeting capability can really refine your targeting strategy. This means not only can you market to a chosen proximity to stores but you can also match existing buyer profiles.

4. Impact on the doormat

Whilst we tend to assume a door drop would be rectangle in shape, for additional impact there are so many options with die-cutting and paper stocks. Our Cushelle door drop achieved massive standout by being cut in the shape of the iconic Cushelle Koala and printed on a heavy weight stock. And of course the ‘£2 off coupons” ensured additional stand out and retention.

5. Personalisation

Just because you’re not using someones name on a door drop doesn’t mean you can’t personalise it in other ways. Imagine the cut-though if you saw a photo of your local town on a door drop or if the copy named your village shop or the local school.

6. GDPR complaint by design

Door drops don’t require or contain personal data, so they are completely GDPR complaint, allowing you to reach new customers in this GDPR world!

How can Umbrella help?

Where Umbrella can add oodles of value, is the creation of a really high impact offer (call to action) that will not only stand out on the doormat, but will ensure the door drop successfully drives your desired response. Our skill is in achieving the biggest bang for your buck!

So then… this fantastic old friend of ours… let’s get it firmly back in the mix!